The wild, the magnificent and the no-street shuffle

I should sleep. But I can’t. In the morning, I  begin my southbound hike of the Appalachian Trail. No biggie, right?

My first 12 1/2 miles today are to the top and of Maine’s tallest mountain, Katahdin. The magnificent. (Apologies to Springsteen for twisting my blog post title to squeeze out a cheesy rock ‘n’ roll reference.)

Day 2 should be a leisurely 13-mile hike to the border of the 100 Mile Wilderness. Then it gets really wild.

Eight or nine or 10 days with nothing but the black flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, ticks and other AT hikers. No cellphone service, no roads, no McDonalds. It will certainly be interesting.

Check back in a week and a half for my next post in which I will tell you all about my trail name. Why did I choose Huckleberry Finch?

3 thoughts on “The wild, the magnificent and the no-street shuffle

  1. Your family and friends are right there with you, little bro.
    Safe travels.
    And if you see bears, point them in the direction of the playoffs, will you?


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